just like you, we like our car to look the part..

it just makes us feel better about pretty much everything we do: driving to work, picking up the kids after school and dropping them off again at sport… you just feel and even look better in a clean car!

just like you, we wish it weren't such a hassle to keep our car clean.

there's no time on the way to work, it's too late to bother after work, and not practical on the weekend. the truth is there are so many better things to do with your free time than wash your car!

plus, what about that water that goes to waste?
we know that being responsible with water is important, but how do we do our bit?

..that's why we created ECOWASH MOBILE ...

the waterless car wash and polish service that comes to you.

we understand that you have better things to do with your free time than wash your car - whether you do it yourself or take time out to find a car wash and wait for someone to wash it for you. that's why we come to you. so that you can do the things you have to do and keep your free time for the things you really want to do.

not only can we save you precious time, together we can help the environment by saving water for the things that really need it. you'll have not only a clean car but a clear conscience, while saving your time for the things you really love.

so what's an ecowash? - a waterless car wash & polish

unlike traditional car washing processes, an "ecowash" does not require water. instead, we use a unique 2-in-1 wash and polish technique: our process uses an exclusive polymer compound which lifts the dirt from the surface of the paint and encapsulates it in a lubricant. the dirt is then removed with a soft cloth - all without water and without a scratch!

what's left is a fine layer of polish which we remove with a clean cloth to reveal a beautifully polished and protected surface. your car will look like new again and will stay that way for longer thanks to a protective coating which remains to guard your car from the harmful effects of the environment.

remember this is not just a wash, it is a polish which offers longer lasting protection. traditional washing methods only remove dirt, ecowashing is a full polish and protection treatment.

to keep your car protected and looking its absolute best, we recommend ecowashing every 3 to 4 weeks. you can set up a regular booking reminder with ecowash mobile or develop you own personalised ecowash protection (PEP) program to keep your car protected and looking great all year round.






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